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Chauvin Arnoux C.A 10001 HANDHELD PH METER

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Chauvin Arnoux C.A 10001 HANDHELD PH METER

Описание товара

  • IP65 ingress protection
    Spot measurements and quick testing of pH
    Automatic, extremely simple 3-point calibration: save time!
    Detection of temperature-compensated pH values (ATC)
    Practical pocket format for mobile applications in the field or in the lab
    Long pH electrode ideal for measurements in small-diameter récipients

The C.A 10001 tester can be used with a buffer solution for calibration to obtain the pH value with only 2 clicks!
The C.A 10001 can be used in a wide range of sectors involving electrochemistry, such as hydroponics, swimming pools, spas, education, water treatment, drinking water, aquariums, beverages industry, use in the field, cosmetics and chemistry laboratories, etc.

The C.A 10001 comes in the form of a pen equipped at one end with a combination electrode 12 cm long with a built-in temperature sensor. The wide multi-parameter screen simultaneously displays the pH and temperature values (°C or °F).

The ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) mode automatically displays the pH value compensated for temperature. Calibration is automatic (up to 3 points), requiring single press on the CAL key.

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